The Fair Trade and Organic 

Whether dark or medium roasted; caffeinated or decaffeinated all our coffee beans are cultivated using sound organic methods. They come from a farmer’s co-operative that is part of the Fair Trade Association. Fair Trade ensures a fair price is paid for the labour that goes into the production of these outstanding coffees.

Our Java Travellers coffees are Fair Trade and Organic. We feel the folks at Fair Trade Canada offer the best explanation of what Fair Trade means:

It contributes to sustainable development by offering better trading conditions for producers and workers in developing countries. Behind the principles and goals of Fair Trade is a rigorous international system of monitoring, auditing and certification.

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The Coffee

Dark Blend:

Our darker roast coffee provides a bold rich aroma and great full-bodied flavour without bitterness. These high-grown 100% Arabica beans come from the finest plantations in both South and Central America, and combine to offer a dark, satisfying cup of coffee. 

Medium Blend:

Rich volcanic soil, moderate temperatures and tropical rains create the ideal climate to produce the exceptional high-grown 100% Arabica coffee beans.

Decaffeinated Blend:

Our decaffeinated coffee is sometimes called “self-drinking”, noted for its excellent body, flavour and aroma. People are surprised that a coffee this good can be decaffeinated.  We select the best beans and use the Swiss-water process to gently and naturally remove the caffeine while preserving the flavour and aroma.

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