Java Cruise™ Horizon Blend

Dark Roast

Horizon Blend is a “wake up” dark roast choice for that first sip of morning coffee. It’s the perfect cup to get you going – a simple indulgence you may want to carry on with throughout the day. What a great way to be reminded of the wonders of travel – and maybe start planning your next adventure.

Java Cruise™ Captain’s Blend

Full-bodied Medium

Captain’s Blend is a lively “in charge”  full-bodied Blend, the coffee of choice for the workday. Like the cruise ship on its package this is a far reaching coffee – with the depth and flavour that you can enjoy all day long. This Blend will keep you on the right course wherever you go, forging ahead/splashing/wading through the day – but don’t forget to take a moment to relax and get a taste for your next adventure!

Java Cruise™ Sunset Blend


Sitting back enjoying a breathtaking sunset, our minds turn to relaxing with friends and family at the end of a long day. This Decaffeinated coffee Blend is ideal for later in the day, when you want the flavours and aromas of a great cup of coffee, but without the caffeine. Sit back and enjoy the smooth flavours of our Java Cruise Sunset Blend – a perfect finish to an evening meal – and start dreaming of your next journey! 

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